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New & For Sale

Going forward, I will no longer hold items that have not been paid for. Items that have a pending invoice will be marked “PENDING” until they are sold, and will be taken out of the gallery on payment. 


See shipping rates below. Items going to the same address will be shipped together, so shipping will only be charged once per address using the most highest level of shipping needed for any one item as the base.

Please note: some countries have import tax or VAT that the buyer must pay to their customs office. Be aware of your country’s taxes on importing artwork when you order, as you must pay them to claim your package and I literally can’t do it for you. EU countries in particular have this kind of fee. 

Original Art Cards

Art Card Shipping: US Domestic: $10 / International $30

Character/Creature ACEO Price: $35/each, or 3 for $90
These are original watercolor mini paintings. They measure 2.5×3.5 inches (the same as collectible trading cards), and ship in a protective plastic archival trading card sleeve. Ideal for the collector on a budget, or with little space!


Illustrated Card ACEO Price: $45/each

These are more complex minis. 


To Purchase: 

  1. Send an email with “ACEO” in the title to me at
  2. Tell me the ID number of each card you want (it’s below the image), or link to the image itself.
    Please also include your shipping address in the email when you are ready to receive the invoice.
  3. I will send you a Paypal invoice clearly listing the card(s) you are buying, and with attached images of those cards.
  4. When the invoice is paid I will pack and ship the painting(s) to you, and I will provide a tracking number when the service is available in your country. Packages typically ship out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

When a painting has been invoiced, I will mark it here next to the number as “pending.” When a painting has been paid for, I will mark it “SOLD.” If an invoice goes unpaid for 24 hours from the send time I will allow the next interested person to purchase it.